Hundred Palms EC

Inside a border defined facilities which were elegant by sophisticated modernity, your mind and body is constantly engaged by refreshing facets of existence. The success of lifestyle enjoyment isn’t to far from your fingertips. You won’t ever desire to go elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter what you would like, you’ll will never need to visit far to discover it. New departmental stores share the very same neighbour as galleries and little boutiques that boast a varied variety of choices and designers making their mark around the local fashion design scene.

Hundred Palms EC (executive condo) is definitely an exclusive new development sited in the heart of town and touching nowhere heavens. Its gorgeous profile brings new excitement to urban- resort residing in the boundary from the city. Standing jewel-as with the town skyline, Hundred Palms Residences EC sensational architecture offers an abode that nestles in the middle of lush greenery living.

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A lot of amenities can be found near to Hundred Palms Residences. This could explain the huge bids the land developers of the project have achieved to date. For instance, many esteemed worldwide schools happen to be located around it for example Rosyth School, Xinmin primary as well as Xinmin secondary schools, simply to mention a couple of. Lots of commercial shops within Hougang 1 shopping mall also allow it to be very well suited for residence. A main bus interchange in addition to a MRT station aren’t a long way away out of this projects achieve. This really is to say however a couple of of the numerous interesting locations that really are a leave behind the Hundred Palms Residences. Great facilities happen to be built at the Hundred Palms Residences.

Hundred Palms showflat

For additional shopping and dining choices, NEX Shopping Center and Hougang Mall are generally within ten minutes ride away. Hundred Palms showflat will be opening for those register. The official website is The project is another rock’s discard from Rosyth School which introduced an attractive alternative for youthful couples who’re searching to sign-up their kids within the school and runs the Gifted Education Programme.

No ECs are freed within the Hougang/Yio Chu Kang region for any lengthy while, using the Topiary being the newest at the end of 2012. Hundred Palms Dwellings EC will likely be established in This summer 2017, among the 3 executive condominiums expected to be launched in 2017. ECs really are a public-private hybrid home form with first buyer qualification and resale states that are totally revoked ten years after an EC project was completed. The earnings ceiling for EC buyers is $14,000, remedied in August 2015.

Hundred Palms EC Floor Plan

Hundred Palms floor plan come with layouts made to look after different criteria of family needs. However, the ground plans are susceptible to change through the developer. Essentially, the Hundred Palms Residences includes 3, 4, and 5 bed room units. You will see two kinds of facing. The first is going to be Hougang 9 facing and the second is going to be Yio Chu Kang facing. The units around the sixth floor have a unblock view.

Full copies from the site and layout can easily be bought upon request. In addition, it is advisable to see the disclaimer type of Hundred Palms Residences.